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>Updated, 22nd of February 2011
OpenCV seems to be the perfect tool to do the image processing calculation. A practical example.

Hey Shahab,
You should look at the flob library for blob detection. Its listed on the libraries page on processing.org. Its pretty simple to use. Also for better object detection, you might have more luck with openFrameworks, which is c++ based and has a better library for OpenCV.
For my project, I used the flob library and using the OSC protocol (oscp5 library for processing) I sent the data from the webcam to the sound generation program.
Using the OSC protocol you could also use something call openTSPS, by Rockwell Labs, which would be much more easier and exact since its also based on openFrameworks. So sense people with openTSPS and send the data via OSC to your program that controls the micro-controller.
Hope it helps.
On Feb 16, 2011, at 3:20 PM, Shahab F. M. wrote:
I was wondering if u can give me some tips/tutorial links about webcam & processing. I am working on Walloid as my master thesis.
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This is a school project for a course(INF5261 – Development of mobile information systems and services) I take at department of Informatics at University of Oslo. courseApp is an android mobile application which allows the users(students at University of Oslo) to add their courses to this application and respectivley receive the latest updates about the course on their cellphone. We also are thinking about integerating the time & place of the courses with the students android calender. We have plans for further development of this application but this is all dependent on if we can get access to the database in StudentWeb. If we do so we would be able to let students add courses to navigate through the courses and join the course by just one touch click …

We have thought to have following functionalities on our program(numbers show also priority).

  1. My courses
  2. Latest messages on course page
  3. Warning on Email
  4. Integration with Android Calender
  5. Friends taking same course

read more about our project at Our Wonder Document.

People innvolved :

  • Akbar(Shahab) Faghihi Mughaddam – shahabfm( at )usit.uio.no
  • Shahab Bakhtiyari Saravan – shahabb( at )ifi.uio.no
  • Ummair Tahir – ummairt( at )ifi.uio.no
  • Piraba Kaugathasan – pirabak( at )ifi.uio.no

>Test units(JUnit) on the way …

>Today I got some tips from a very experienced programmer who is a team leader at a leading IT consulting company here at Norway. He advised to me to no matter what have test codes in my java code. No matter what use a version control system and have a structure in my coding. I think as long as I am so keen of having things planned and well-structured I would do implement his ideas into my master thesis to have a much clear expectation from myself and be able to plan better my way ahead. I think this would also give me the chance to do implement white box testing on my code and of-course more things to write about 🙂

>Artificial Intelligence

>I am taking an Artificial Intelligence course at department of Informatics(INF5390), where Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach is the book. Our lecture believes in this book as a bible for AI and this makes it as a good reference in my master thesis as I see LOTS of similarities between what I have done/do/will do and what I learn here in an academic way. I think I can use this source both as an theory back-up for my master thesis and an explanation of my decision making process in my codes.