Super Crawler entering the design phase

As the programming phase is almost finished, we have entered the design phase. We are working on our 3D design and plan to buy tracking belts and sprocket wheels. At the same time we are discussing the sponsorship of the project with & hope we receive a positive answer from them. You can read full reports on our activities & have full access to our codes and designs on Super Crawler worklog at Robotica Osloensis forum or the project weblog.


>New feet design for walloid


As explained in the previous post, I received new robot design which is under development by Mats Høvin a while ago. While working on a summer-project which is highly related to my master thesis & receiving some tips discussing the new design with some friends*, I came up with some new ideas regarding climbing solutions.
My idea is a very simple grip for each foot which gives the climbing robot the ability to hang on a nail(bolt) on the wall. The curved(bent) part in the middle will be where the robot would grip the nail. I am thinking of using a flex sensor there to receive a signal every time a foot is hanging to a bolt. Meaning if we want to make a move at a time, before moving the foot, we should receive 4 bent resistor signals from the robot feet and while moving, all the way we should be receiving bent resistor signals from other three remaining hanging feet.When we are finished with moving our foot to the new point of griping, we should again receive the 4th signal again … I am still working on this idea and going to discus it as soon as my supervisor is back from his holiday.
*Thanks to my colleague Tarjei & my friend Magnus 🙂

For more snapshots click read more …

>New design received from Mats


I have received new robot design, plus new motor designs from Mats Høvin(my supervisor). Right now I am working on two things at the same time. One is the new motor design which is used in this chassis and at the same time I am working on Mats design to develop a grip(feet) for this chassis. I have came up with some ideas that will soon be posted here …
Down here you see the Mats Høvin chassis for the climbing robot :
New chassis designed by Mats
New Motor designed by Mats
New Motor chassis designed by Mats, printed in 3D printer

>LATEST NEWS, Working on summer project which is highly related to my thesis

>Right now I am leading a team consist of 7 students, doing a summer-project called Super Crawler(a tank-type robot which roles around with the belt) at Robotica Osloensis(Robotics student community at university of Oslo). My team and I have gained many new experiences(reverse engineering techniques, Programming different motors to work with Arudino boards in C, Communicating with Arduino borads with Java on Serial communication port, signal processing, etc) and have developed  different codes for our purposes. You can read all about it, see the photos & videos and have direct access to our codes on our project worklog. I have also added a RSS-reader on the right side of this weblog about latest news on Super Crawler project …

These experiences would help me a lot in future development of my climbing robot, Walloid 🙂

Super Crawler back on track …

As the one in projects manager in Robotica Osloensis student robotic community, I am leading the summer project 2010 called Super Crawler. After planning and team building for the summer projects, my team members & I have made a very good progress up to now & we are working with full speed. The programming of the micro-controllers & the navigation program in Java has finished.  Right now Design team isworking on design & we are searching for the right design and materials for our super crawler. We should soon start video-streaming part as well and then we are finished with the first phase of super crawler 🙂

Super Crawler weblog :
Super Crawler worklog :

Subprojects in Super Crawler :

  • Design / Redesign : Magnus, Shahab F., Andrei
  • Micro-controller Programming : Puya, Jonas, Ole Marius, Shahab F., Magnus
  • Navigation Program : Shahab F., Jonas, Shahab B.
  • Video Streaming : Jonas, Ole Marius, Shahab F.

Design -> SolidWorks
Micro-Controller -> Arduino boards
Video Streaming -> Not Decided
Navigation(Control) program -> Java