Build Your Own Underwater Robot and Other Wet Projects, My Review

This book is not written for my level of studies, but I fell in love with this book. I borrowed the book for the first time from a library after I started my master thesis in Robotics and then was left with no choice but to buy it …
The book is a good start to get you fast and with an easy language, through not just the technologies existing generally for underwater projects but assist you in building some functional underwater machines. The projects are not very complicated but a good start in building water proof machinery. You can always develop on and make something awesome out of the current simple projects.
In my case I have started a project called Project Seahorse at our robotics club here at university of Oslo.
The book is also a perfect choice for young students who want to start building something and feel great after it 🙂

I recommend buying the book to all those beginners with underwater technologies and as a good present to your young family members 🙂