Live broadcast of Robot’s environment #2

Well I decided to do it the hard way … Yep I did it with Java, with my own code and now I have two applications(server & client) that sends the streaming video over the whole network subnet or just one specific IP address. I am improving my code and trying to update the codes that mostly I gathered and made up from here and there … Soon I come with the source code 🙂


Live broadcast of Robot’s environment

The Image processing part of the Robotic project, in hardware point of view contains a camera and laptop. The laptop is placed inside the robot chassis for Image Processing applications to run on it. The camera is going to be place on an arm which is not exactly decided how it is going to be and how much would we reach to make. But for sure there is going to be an arm, probably with one prismatic and two revolute joint(we are probably going to remove one revolute joint as the robot is able to turn around itself 360 degrees). This will give the camera a very good workspace which would be alittle less than a sphere on bottom and top.

As this project is a summer project and we do not have much time left, we have decided to go for easiest solutions for time being. Everything that makes the project to take one more step toward the goal is acceptable. Now I am trying to find ways how we can broadcast the stream of video we get from Robot’s cameras online. Our choices up to now are as followed :

  1. USTREAM.COM website which let you to stream live videos and people are able to watch it online in flash format. It’s not the best choice to make, but it is a possible choice.
  2. RealPlayer

Robotic Project Report #1

Well as said before, we are 4 students working on this Robotic project and things have been much more clear than the imaginary robot I was talking about last time. Now we know what kind of micro controller are we going to use, although still we have troubles setting it up(Vegard). We have designed the basic circuit for controlling the robots movement as well, but not tested yet(Kjetil). Also we are working on the body. My friend Magnus is designing the belt and the wheels ! Yep it’s gonno drive around with the help of 2 belts and 8 wheels. My responsibility is to design the chassis up to now. Here is a very basic version of it that I am just playing around to learn more how to work with Solidworks. When we are finished we are going to print this out with the help of a 3D printer that the robotic group has(in a quite nice resistible plastic material). Image processing part has not even started yet !!!

chasisBasic Chassis with 4 holes on each sides for placing the wheels.

Haha, before I forget, Vegard wants to name robot, Superman 😀 Dunno if she is gonno be named that, but that’s what he is saying around 😉