Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour project took place on 28th of March all around the world in 375 cities and 1,000,000,000 people took part in it. On this day people turned off their lights for one hour at 20:30 their own local time to show politicians how much they do care about being Green. On 28th I voted for earth as many others did all around the earth. It’s beautiful that despite our differences how much we care about our old cradle, Earth…

Philosophy Project, Spring 2009

This is my philosophy project about Descartes meditations and how it effected our world and meditation afterwards. The post comes in a post afterwards and you can also download the ZIP file by clicking here. The essay discusses the way Descartes new fundemental unit(I think, therefore I exist) changed our point of view and guided humanity to individualism.

Descartes Meditations & satisfied subjective

Show how Descartes thoughts through the Meditations guide us to a satisfied subjective

In order to show how Descartes meditations are leading us from a non-satisfied subject to a satisfied one, we should first consider the meaning and concept of the subject. In the Webster dictionary the meaning of subject is as follows:
“one that is placed under authority or control”. Continue reading Descartes Meditations & satisfied subjective

Presentation, Internet Structure

This is an old assignment of mine which was actually made for my Norwegian class level 4. I had chosen in this assignment to give a briefe orientation for my class mates about Internet structure in Norwegian language. You can download powerpoint file by clicking here.