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PHP project, report #1

I have already made a login system successfully with ability to login for users and root. The login system can redirect users to user pages and root to administration page. The root user has the power to delete or update the user informations(facing some difficulties here). The goal with this part was gaining experience with PHP and Mysql database.

Next step in this project will be debugging and securing the login system and designing the right database tables for the main project(game).

Mahibaz.ir back on track

My website about fish keeping(specially Discus fish) with a Forum is back on track once again. After I didn’t get to take back my old domain name with .com postfix(www.mahibaz.com) back, I had to start over with a .ir postfix(www.mahibaz.ir). After all the website is in Persian and it doesn’t do anything to have a .ir(iran) domain name 🙂

So the project is back on track with the domain name www.mahibaz.ir and we have our fish keeping forum back online as well.

Mahibaz in persian means a person whose life is just fish keeping.