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Ignite Oslo, Rapid Prototyping

On Thursday I hold one of the most difficult presentations of my life. I was representing Robotica Osloensis, a student community which I am deputy chairman of, at Ignite Oslo. I talked about Rapid Prototyping which we use as our main method at Robotica in our projects. Ignite is a style of presentation where participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The Ignite format is similar to Pecha Kucha, which features 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each.

The Ignite Oslo was a very nice event. They had 5 minutes presentations about different topics which were very interesting. Presentations about art, film making, music composition with applications on iPad, 3D printing, air balloons and fashion, etc. It was pretty stressful when it came to my turn. The whole idea of 15 seconds intervals and having a lot to say about a subject that actually belongs to the nerd world made me very nervous. Thanks to my friends Magnus Lange and Ole Jacob, who helped me both about the content and preparing in advance for the presentation, I was well prepared. Also I should thank my friends who came there to support me when I was actually holding the presentation. My presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.

Super Crawler entering the design phase

As the programming phase is almost finished, we have entered the design phase. We are working on our 3D design and plan to buy tracking belts and sprocket wheels. At the same time we are discussing the sponsorship of the project with RobotShop.com & hope we receive a positive answer from them. You can read full reports on our activities & have full access to our codes and designs on Super Crawler worklog at Robotica Osloensis forum or the project weblog.


Super Crawler back on track …

As the one in projects manager in Robotica Osloensis student robotic community, I am leading the summer project 2010 called Super Crawler. After planning and team building for the summer projects, my team members & I have made a very good progress up to now & we are working with full speed. The programming of the micro-controllers & the navigation program in Java has finished.  Right now Design team isworking on design & we are searching for the right design and materials for our super crawler. We should soon start video-streaming part as well and then we are finished with the first phase of super crawler 🙂

Super Crawler weblog : http://supercrawler.blogspot.com/
Super Crawler worklog : http://robotica.ifi.uio.no/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5

Subprojects in Super Crawler :

  • Design / Redesign : Magnus, Shahab F., Andrei
  • Micro-controller Programming : Puya, Jonas, Ole Marius, Shahab F., Magnus
  • Navigation Program : Shahab F., Jonas, Shahab B.
  • Video Streaming : Jonas, Ole Marius, Shahab F.

Design -> SolidWorks
Micro-Controller -> Arduino boards
Video Streaming -> Not Decided
Navigation(Control) program -> Java

Student Robotic Community, Robotica Osloensis

I am now a member of student robotics community at university of Oslo, called Roboitca Osloensis. I have joined the board team and currently I am in charge of all projects at the community. Our first project will be my summer project from last year( Super Crawler ), which we did not finish it …

Robotic Project Report #1

Well as said before, we are 4 students working on this Robotic project and things have been much more clear than the imaginary robot I was talking about last time. Now we know what kind of micro controller are we going to use, although still we have troubles setting it up(Vegard). We have designed the basic circuit for controlling the robots movement as well, but not tested yet(Kjetil). Also we are working on the body. My friend Magnus is designing the belt and the wheels ! Yep it’s gonno drive around with the help of 2 belts and 8 wheels. My responsibility is to design the chassis up to now. Here is a very basic version of it that I am just playing around to learn more how to work with Solidworks. When we are finished we are going to print this out with the help of a 3D printer that the robotic group has(in a quite nice resistible plastic material). Image processing part has not even started yet !!!

chasisBasic Chassis with 4 holes on each sides for placing the wheels.

Haha, before I forget, Vegard wants to name robot, Superman 😀 Dunno if she is gonno be named that, but that’s what he is saying around 😉

Robotic+Image Processing summer project

I am planning for a summer project these days. This semester, I have taken two difficult, but very interesting courses. These two courses are Robotics(INF3480) and Image Processing(INF2310). Although I’ve had big challenges with the good mathematical understanding of these two courses, but I am deeply interested in both and would like to combine what I’ve learnt in theory, in a practical project. The plan is to combine Robotics and Image Processing to make a portable robot with more than basic Image Processing abilities. The following drawing is just an imaginary plan of the final robot. Of course I would be happy to be able to finish half of this and I believe I would come to changes many of these fantacies with realities and there might be fundemental changes in the plan on the way. I am sure I am going to learn alot soon 🙂

Imaginary Robot
Imaginary Robot

The imaginary robot is supplied by a wireless transmitter and GPS adapter(The anthenas are just symbols and are not going to be there). The robot is supposed to be portable and move around to a desired location by the help of GPS adapter. She would also be able to send the information(a film stream or even sounds) about her environment back to the lab by the help of the wireless LAN(Wireless Internet or a dedicated wireless LAN). The cameras are supposed to capture the film stream and send the perspective(Not Flat) pictures to the screen at the lab. Also same cameras will be used for Image Processing operations(locally at the robot by laptop or at the lab). The plan up here is showing that the robot actually is carrying a light Eee laptop to implement image processing at place right after they are captured by the cameras. There is also another scenario that the robot can carry just a combination of Micro Processors that sends all the information to the lab and the information would be processed in the lab and would be sent back to the robot. There would be proabably some delays and I am not sure if this system is actually practical.

I am not going to be alone at this project and I am going to have some friends with me. The plan is to do this project step by step and keep it simple at first and at every step we would try to expand our previous simple model to a more advanced one. The duration of this project would be up to the end of next semester(December 2009) and would probably will be my(an others if they are intrested to continue) bachelor project.