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Android development tricks

This is a summay of the tricks I have learned making an application called courseApp project.  This application was developed in the Mobile Information Systems that I took at University of Oslo. Eclipse is a very good tool to use for Android development. To start with you need to download Andriod SDK. After installing both of these(and ofcourse Java Development Kit, JDK which is a pre-requirement for both of these), you need to make Eclipse and Android SDK talk together. This is done by a plugin called “ADT plugin for Eclipse” from Google. You can read more about how to install this plugin by clicking hereIn case of Android SDK installation(the exe file) doesn’t recognize JDK on your computer, you can simply download the zip file and extract it. Don’t forget appending that folder to the %PATH% environment variable. Now some more tips follows :

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PHP project, report #1

I have already made a login system successfully with ability to login for users and root. The login system can redirect users to user pages and root to administration page. The root user has the power to delete or update the user informations(facing some difficulties here). The goal with this part was gaining experience with PHP and Mysql database.

Next step in this project will be debugging and securing the login system and designing the right database tables for the main project(game).

UiOToolbar project …

UiOToolbar is a mini project of mine and is developed to be used by few users at my work. This toolbar is a Firefox toolbar and is developed by Javascript codes. You can download the file by clicking here.

UiOToolbar 0.1

The toolbar has number of buttons which makes daily surfing easier for staffs at university of Oslo. The buttons would give the user the power to search directly from the toolbar in universities(UiO) database. User can also search both Google and Google images database directly from the toolbar.


I should mention that this is not an official University of Oslo pakcage and it was just developed locally by me to help some of my colleagues.