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OpenCV installation Tutorial, MS Visual C++ 2008

Installing OpenCV might sound very easy when you read it on some forums/websites, but there are some small changes in most of these tutorials that prevent the connection between OpenCV and MS Visual C++. In this tutorial we(my dear friend Puya Afsharian and I) try to guide you through the installation of these two products and the right way to make them talk with each other.

Although people say it is easy to make OpenCV 2.2 to work with MS Visual C++ 2010, but we did not get it to work properly while it seems that MS visual c++ 2008 works perfect with OpenCV 2.1. Here are the download links for both products :

OpenCV 2.1 : http://sourceforge.net/projects/opencvlibrary/files/opencv-win/2.1/
This file is modified to work with MS Visual C++ 2008 and therefore there is no need to install CMake again.

MS Visual C++ 2008(Free of charge) : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=a5c84275-3b97-4ab7-a40d-3802b2af5fc2&displaylang=en

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Live broadcast of Robot’s environment

The Image processing part of the Robotic project, in hardware point of view contains a camera and laptop. The laptop is placed inside the robot chassis for Image Processing applications to run on it. The camera is going to be place on an arm which is not exactly decided how it is going to be and how much would we reach to make. But for sure there is going to be an arm, probably with one prismatic and two revolute joint(we are probably going to remove one revolute joint as the robot is able to turn around itself 360 degrees). This will give the camera a very good workspace which would be alittle less than a sphere on bottom and top.

As this project is a summer project and we do not have much time left, we have decided to go for easiest solutions for time being. Everything that makes the project to take one more step toward the goal is acceptable. Now I am trying to find ways how we can broadcast the stream of video we get from Robot’s cameras online. Our choices up to now are as followed :

  1. USTREAM.COM website which let you to stream live videos and people are able to watch it online in flash format. It’s not the best choice to make, but it is a possible choice.
  2. RealPlayer

Robotic+Image Processing summer project

I am planning for a summer project these days. This semester, I have taken two difficult, but very interesting courses. These two courses are Robotics(INF3480) and Image Processing(INF2310). Although I’ve had big challenges with the good mathematical understanding of these two courses, but I am deeply interested in both and would like to combine what I’ve learnt in theory, in a practical project. The plan is to combine Robotics and Image Processing to make a portable robot with more than basic Image Processing abilities. The following drawing is just an imaginary plan of the final robot. Of course I would be happy to be able to finish half of this and I believe I would come to changes many of these fantacies with realities and there might be fundemental changes in the plan on the way. I am sure I am going to learn alot soon 🙂

Imaginary Robot
Imaginary Robot

The imaginary robot is supplied by a wireless transmitter and GPS adapter(The anthenas are just symbols and are not going to be there). The robot is supposed to be portable and move around to a desired location by the help of GPS adapter. She would also be able to send the information(a film stream or even sounds) about her environment back to the lab by the help of the wireless LAN(Wireless Internet or a dedicated wireless LAN). The cameras are supposed to capture the film stream and send the perspective(Not Flat) pictures to the screen at the lab. Also same cameras will be used for Image Processing operations(locally at the robot by laptop or at the lab). The plan up here is showing that the robot actually is carrying a light Eee laptop to implement image processing at place right after they are captured by the cameras. There is also another scenario that the robot can carry just a combination of Micro Processors that sends all the information to the lab and the information would be processed in the lab and would be sent back to the robot. There would be proabably some delays and I am not sure if this system is actually practical.

I am not going to be alone at this project and I am going to have some friends with me. The plan is to do this project step by step and keep it simple at first and at every step we would try to expand our previous simple model to a more advanced one. The duration of this project would be up to the end of next semester(December 2009) and would probably will be my(an others if they are intrested to continue) bachelor project.