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Super Crawler entering the design phase

As the programming phase is almost finished, we have entered the design phase. We are working on our 3D design and plan to buy tracking belts and sprocket wheels. At the same time we are discussing the sponsorship of the project with RobotShop.com & hope we receive a positive answer from them. You can read full reports on our activities & have full access to our codes and designs on Super Crawler worklog at Robotica Osloensis forum or the project weblog.


Student Robotic Community, Robotica Osloensis

I am now a member of student robotics community at university of Oslo, called Roboitca Osloensis. I have joined the board team and currently I am in charge of all projects at the community. Our first project will be my summer project from last year( Super Crawler ), which we did not finish it …

Mahibaz.ir back on track

My website about fish keeping(specially Discus fish) with a Forum is back on track once again. After I didn’t get to take back my old domain name with .com postfix(www.mahibaz.com) back, I had to start over with a .ir postfix(www.mahibaz.ir). After all the website is in Persian and it doesn’t do anything to have a .ir(iran) domain name 🙂

So the project is back on track with the domain name www.mahibaz.ir and we have our fish keeping forum back online as well.

Mahibaz in persian means a person whose life is just fish keeping.


UiOToolbar project …

UiOToolbar is a mini project of mine and is developed to be used by few users at my work. This toolbar is a Firefox toolbar and is developed by Javascript codes. You can download the file by clicking here.

UiOToolbar 0.1

The toolbar has number of buttons which makes daily surfing easier for staffs at university of Oslo. The buttons would give the user the power to search directly from the toolbar in universities(UiO) database. User can also search both Google and Google images database directly from the toolbar.


I should mention that this is not an official University of Oslo pakcage and it was just developed locally by me to help some of my colleagues.