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Trigging signals on the move, ABB Robots

If you want to trigg signals on the move without having multitasking on your ABB robot, triggLIOs would help you. This signal would help you to set values to different types of signals (up to 50). One could set Digital Output / Analog Ouput / String Output or Group Output signals with help of this command. This commands also allows one the choice to trigger signals based on distance / time after the start or distance to the end of the movement.

ABB Robots Family
ABB Robots Family

See below examples from RAPID (ABB robots programming language) reference manual:

TriggLIOs [\Conc] ToPoint [\ID] Speed [\T] [\TriggData1] [\TriggData2] [\TriggData3] Zone [\Inpos] Tool [\WObj] [\Corr] [\TLoad]

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Reading input from ABB flexpendant

On ABB robots, one have access to a syntax in RAPID programming language called TPRead. TPRead allows the programmer to read live values from the user (operator) while your code is being run.

TPReadNum reg1,”Text”;

Code Example:
PROC readJNumFromPendant()
TPReadNum reg1,”Enter Input Number?”;
readValue := reg1;
TPWrite “Read Value is: ” + ValToStr(testRead);