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Ignite Oslo, Rapid Prototyping

On Thursday I hold one of the most difficult presentations of my life. I was representing Robotica Osloensis, a student community which I am deputy chairman of, at Ignite Oslo. I talked about Rapid Prototyping which we use as our main method at Robotica in our projects. Ignite is a style of presentation where participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The Ignite format is similar to Pecha Kucha, which features 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each.

The Ignite Oslo was a very nice event. They had 5 minutes presentations about different topics which were very interesting. Presentations about art, film making, music composition with applications on iPad, 3D printing, air balloons and fashion, etc. It was pretty stressful when it came to my turn. The whole idea of 15 seconds intervals and having a lot to say about a subject that actually belongs to the nerd world made me very nervous. Thanks to my friends Magnus Lange and Ole Jacob, who helped me both about the content and preparing in advance for the presentation, I was well prepared. Also I should thank my friends who came there to support me when I was actually holding the presentation. My presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.

RepRap project, the beginning of an adventure

The RepRap project; an open source 3D printer, with all the technologies including inside it is a magnificent piece of technology to learn and study deeply. A combination of chemistry, physics, computer science, robotic technology and etc. Something that is produced by prosumers for prosumers(or even consumers as you don’t have to develop it further). A good that belongs to the non-rival(or even anti-rival), non extendable part of the production world. A product of CBPP in the public domain which in 5 years since Adrian came up with the idea, has managed to build a strong community in many different countries all around the world, dedicated developers around it and last but not least three functioning versions of 3D printers. I am honored to say that I am leading this project at Robotica Osloensis. Our first objective is to study and learn the RepRap concept and later take part in the development of this artifact. More updates on this project later.

Reprap Huxley
Reprap Huxley @ Robotica Osloensis

Robotic Project Report #1

Well as said before, we are 4 students working on this Robotic project and things have been much more clear than the imaginary robot I was talking about last time. Now we know what kind of micro controller are we going to use, although still we have troubles setting it up(Vegard). We have designed the basic circuit for controlling the robots movement as well, but not tested yet(Kjetil). Also we are working on the body. My friend Magnus is designing the belt and the wheels ! Yep it’s gonno drive around with the help of 2 belts and 8 wheels. My responsibility is to design the chassis up to now. Here is a very basic version of it that I am just playing around to learn more how to work with Solidworks. When we are finished we are going to print this out with the help of a 3D printer that the robotic group has(in a quite nice resistible plastic material). Image processing part has not even started yet !!!

chasisBasic Chassis with 4 holes on each sides for placing the wheels.

Haha, before I forget, Vegard wants to name robot, Superman 😀 Dunno if she is gonno be named that, but that’s what he is saying around 😉