Philosophy Project, Spring 2009

This is my philosophy project about Descartes meditations and how it effected our world and meditation afterwards. The post comes in a post afterwards and you can also download the ZIP file by clicking here. The essay discusses the way Descartes new fundemental unit(I think, therefore I exist) changed our point of view and guided humanity to individualism.

Descartes Meditations & satisfied subjective

Show how Descartes thoughts through the Meditations guide us to a satisfied subjective

In order to show how Descartes meditations are leading us from a non-satisfied subject to a satisfied one, we should first consider the meaning and concept of the subject. In the Webster dictionary the meaning of subject is as follows:
“one that is placed under authority or control”. Continue reading Descartes Meditations & satisfied subjective

Presentation, Internet Structure

This is an old assignment of mine which was actually made for my Norwegian class level 4. I had chosen in this assignment to give a briefe orientation for my class mates about Internet structure in Norwegian language. You can download powerpoint file by clicking here.

Shahabinary project …

Hereby I announce launching of the Shahabinary project which is a open source free program under the license of GPL. The

project is an Norwegian-English dictionary which is developed by Java programming language and has following abilities :

  • Platform Free : The project and can be run under both Linux and Windows
  • Word Recognition : If you type a word wrong, the program can find the similar words to your input and will provide you with a list of choices.
  • GUI
  • Open Source

For more info about the project, you have to visit my weblog called computer world

Shahab F. M.

The First Word …

This is my first post in this website, after the old website is updated and my old database was not refundable … I have 5 main weblogs that I update them often, but this one is where I usually announce my official statements about myself and my works(like my projects , my photo galleries, etc). I hope you enjoy visiting my website. As an old Iranian tradition, I start the first post of my website by an Irananian(in Persian language) poem which the translation follows as well. This poem is one of my favorites.