Super Crawler Robot

Project name : Project Super Crawler(check out the weblog for the latest updates on this project)
Technical info : Mobile robot with Java based navigation system.
Language : English
Ordered by : Summer Project(2009) / Hobby
Status : On going

Super Crawler Project came first to my mind during a robotic course I took at university of Oslo, back in spring 2009. The course contained theoretical aspects to design robot arms. It was hard and full of boring

Imaginary Robot Design

mathematical calculations, but interesting enough to make me read it during my philosophy classes. At the same place(the philosophy classes), I came up with the idea to make a mobile robot which has an arm, can stream video report of its environment back to the lab and does some image processing operations on the received report(There were also thoughts about having an Asus Eee motherboard inside the robto for image processing purposes). There was a plan even for a GPS to help the robot locate itself on the map and moving to the desired location. This is pretty much Super Crawler. It is still an on going project  at robot building community at university of Oslo.

The project was continued with 3 other classmates from the same course and we have accomplished following goals up to now.

Already accomplished phases :

  • Belts designed done by Magnus Lange
  • Video streaming done by me via Java, JFM technology
  • Designed by me using Solidworks 2009
  • Program to control the DC motors done by Magnus Lange

Remaining phases :

  • Navigation system
  • Image Processing
  • Assembling phase
  • GPS locator with reporting system of current location on SC website
  • Camera

Tank style Assembled robot

Tank style Assembled robot