Trigging signals on the move, ABB Robots

If you want to trigg signals on the move without having multitasking on your ABB robot, triggLIOs would help you. This signal would help you to set values to different types of signals (up to 50). One could set Digital Output / Analog Ouput / String Output or Group Output signals with help of this command. This commands also allows one the choice to trigger signals based on distance / time after the start or distance to the end of the movement.

ABB Robots Family
ABB Robots Family

See below examples from RAPID (ABB robots programming language) reference manual:

TriggLIOs [\Conc] ToPoint [\ID] Speed [\T] [\TriggData1] [\TriggData2] [\TriggData3] Zone [\Inpos] Tool [\WObj] [\Corr] [\TLoad]

Example 1
VAR triggios gunon{1};
MoveJ p1, v500, z50, gun1;
TriggLIOs p2, v500, \TriggData1:=gunon, z50, gun1;MoveL p3, v500, z50, gun1;

The signal gun is set when the TCP is 3 mm after point p1.
The figure shows an example of a fixed position I/O event.

Example 2

VAR triggios mytriggios{3}:= [[TRUE, 3, TRUE, 0, “go1”, 55, 0], [TRUE, 15, TRUE, 0, “ao1”, 10, 0], [TRUE, 3, FALSE, 0, “do1”, 1, 0]];

VAR triggstrgo mytriggstrgo{3}:= [[TRUE, 3, TRUE, 0, “go2”, “1”, 0], [TRUE, 15, TRUE, 0, “go2”, “800000”, 0], [TRUE, 4, FALSE, 0, “go2”, “4294967295”, 0]];

VAR triggiosdnum mytriggiosdnum{3}:= [[TRUE, 10, TRUE, 0, “go3”, 4294967295, 0], [TRUE, 10, TRUE, 0, “ao2”, 5, 0], [TRUE, 10, TRUE, 0, “do2”, 1, 0]];

MoveL p1, v500, z50, gun1;

TriggLIOs p2, v500, \TriggData1:=mytriggios \TriggData2:= mytriggstrgo \TriggData3:=mytriggiosdnum, z50, gun1;

MoveL p3, v500, z50, gun1;

The digital group output signal go1 will be set to value 55 3 mm from p1. Analog output signal ao1 will be set to value 10 15 mm from p1. Digital output signal do1 will be set 3 mm from ToPointp2. Those position events is setup by variable mytriggios. The variable mytriggstrgo sets up position events to occur 3 and 15 mm from p1. First the signal go2 is set to 1, then it is set to 800000. The signal will be set to value 4294967295 4 mm from the ToPointp2. This is the maximum value for a 32 bits digital output signal. The variable mytriggiosdnum sets up three position events to occur 10 mm from p1. First the signal go3 is set to 4294967295, then ao2 is set to 5 and last do2 is set to 1.

Source : ABB Rapid Refrence