RxTx 64 bit on Windows 7

As it is recommended by RxTx official homepage, we can download the 64 bit version from this link(Cloudhopper RxTx page). Later it is just to unzip the file and follow the folloing instruction :

Choose your binary build – x64 or x86 (based on which version of
the JVM you are installing to)

NOTE: You MUST match your architecture. You can’t install the i386
version on a 64-bit version of the JDK and vice-versa.

For a JDK installation:
Copy RXTXcomm.jar —> jrelibext
Copy rxtxSerial.dll —> jrebin
Copy rxtxParallel.dll —> jrebin

and then you are done”

I am using RxTx to communicate with my Arduino boards over serial communication. With this tool I can use Java to directly read the active ports and connect to Arduino cards. This(not needing to use Arduino IDE to show what is coming from the micro-controller) gives me the chance to process the received data and write back the commands automatically.

RXTX API : http://users.frii.com/jarvi/rxtx/doc/index.html

RepRap project, the beginning of an adventure

The RepRap project; an open source 3D printer, with all the technologies including inside it is a magnificent piece of technology to learn and study deeply. A combination of chemistry, physics, computer science, robotic technology and etc. Something that is produced by prosumers for prosumers(or even consumers as you don’t have to develop it further). A good that belongs to the non-rival(or even anti-rival), non extendable part of the production world. A product of CBPP in the public domain which in 5 years since Adrian came up with the idea, has managed to build a strong community in many different countries all around the world, dedicated developers around it and last but not least three functioning versions of 3D printers. I am honored to say that I am leading this project at Robotica Osloensis. Our first objective is to study and learn the RepRap concept and later take part in the development of this artifact. More updates on this project later.

Reprap Huxley
Reprap Huxley @ Robotica Osloensis