INF4290 – Software Verification and Validation

My project report on testing X robot families, using Black Box testing, category-partition technique which I received a B for it from my teacher. You can find the full report by clicking here. This is my semester project in testing and verification in INF4290 course(Testing, Verification & Validation) at institute for informatics at university of Oslo. The semester project is supposed to apply some of the testing techniques to actual software and quantitatively compare techniques,assess drawbacks and advantages. My project is testing a system which is a robotic package solution, used in different projects here at institute of Informatics(IFI). The System Under Test(SUT) is a robotic solution of X family robots developed here at Robotics and Intelligent Systems(ROBIN) group. These solutions are designed to be used as the foundation of master projects and other educational purposes(INF3480, Introduction to Robotics). Three generations of X family robotic solutions has been developed by Mats Høvin up to now. You can see the X2 version of this family on the right side of the page. The X3 version is much smaller, with some design improvements, as the new 3D printer here at Robotic group allows us to print our designs in even smaller scales. The main goal of all of these designs are to rotate the jointed arms to reach to final point at the robots workspace.