back on track

My website about fish keeping(specially Discus fish) with a Forum is back on track once again. After I didn’t get to take back my old domain name with .com postfix( back, I had to start over with a .ir postfix( After all the website is in Persian and it doesn’t do anything to have a .ir(iran) domain name 🙂

So the project is back on track with the domain name and we have our fish keeping forum back online as well.

Mahibaz in persian means a person whose life is just fish keeping.


This damn semester …

I really do have many courses this semester and probably I am going to get very much pressed and stressed all the way. I do have 2 courses left, and then I get my bachelor. Those are INF1040 and INF1060. But concerning I am going to take a master in Robotics(hopefully, not 100% decided yet), I have taken couple of electronics courses which one of them is damn hard … In addition I took one programming project course that does not have an exam but requires a lot of work and one which is intelligent codes(INF5450, a master course) … Finally I have one damn image processing course called INF4300, Image analysing, another master course …

Good luck to myself !!! Anyway I just need to pass two of them to get my bachelor.

By the way today is 09.09.09 😀