UiOToolbar project …

UiOToolbar is a mini project of mine and is developed to be used by few users at my work. This toolbar is a Firefox toolbar and is developed by Javascript codes. You can download the file by clicking here.

UiOToolbar 0.1

The toolbar has number of buttons which makes daily surfing easier for staffs at university of Oslo. The buttons would give the user the power to search directly from the toolbar in universities(UiO) database. User can also search both Google and Google images database directly from the toolbar.


I should mention that this is not an official University of Oslo pakcage and it was just developed locally by me to help some of my colleagues.

Robotic assignment-1, INF3480

My Robotic assignment number of one of the Robotic course at university of Oslo(UiO), INF3480. You can download the assignment and the answers by clicking here(PDF file containing comments and Matlab files containing functions for Kinematic and Inverse Kinematic motions).

This assignment contains designing the robots figure, design, kinematic, inverse kinematic, Jacobian matrices and singularities.

Not all my answers are right and my group teacher comments follows as well at the end of the PDF file(The text is in Norwegian).