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Computer based instrumentation and micro controllers, FYS4240 / FYS3240

FYS4240 / FYS3240, is all about how Micro-controllers, PC Processors and busses are made and gives you a very wide perspective in choice of connection technologies and micro controllers. Topics from internal structure of micro controllers to interfaces on it and parallel programming on multi core / multi processor machines. It also includes LABView and C programming for AVR micro controllers in the lab assignments. This course is recommended to take by all electronics, Robotics students and I would have a much wider point of view if I had taken this course in the beginning of my studies (something that did not happen because of lack of communication between physics department and departments of informatic). Here you can download the exam paper for spring 2011. Continue reading Computer based instrumentation and micro controllers, FYS4240 / FYS3240

>The tolerance issue in 3D printing


These broken parts are gonna delay my work …
The conjunction between the motor led and the robot body
The broken conjunction on robot body side
The broken conjunction on Motor side
 Totally new printed encoder parts were received on 9th of May 2011, and one of them(picture below) was broken into two pieces while being mounted on the same day
The old broken encoder part(black one) beside the new one that was broken under mounting