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My ABB Robotstudio lectures at University of Oslo

This week I hold my first course in ABB Robotstudio for a course at university of Oslo (INF3480, introduction to robotics). I was a guest lecture and hold a 2 hours lecture about offline visual programming and simulation for industrial manipulators (with focus on ABB robots with Robotstudio). I would be also holding a course (introduction to ABB Robotstudio) for Robotica Osloensis at university of Oslo on Friday 27.04.12 which would be much more practical for senior university students who are entering the job market.

The lecture notes(in PDF format) could be downloaded from here.

Robotstudio course at UiO
Robotstudio lecture at Introduction to Robotics course
Robotstudio Environment
Robotstudio workshop at Robotica Osloensis
Robotstudio workshop at Robotica Osloensis, UiO

Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour project took place on 28th of March all around the world in 375 cities and 1,000,000,000 people took part in it. On this day people turned off their lights for one hour at 20:30 their own local time to show politicians how much they do care about being Green. On 28th I voted for earth as many others did all around the earth. It’s beautiful that despite our differences how much we care about our old cradle, Earth…

The First Word …

This is my first post in this website, after the old website is updated and my old database was not refundable … I have 5 main weblogs that I update them often, but this one is where I usually announce my official statements about myself and my works(like my projects , my photo galleries, etc). I hope you enjoy visiting my website. As an old Iranian tradition, I start the first post of my website by an Irananian(in Persian language) poem which the translation follows as well. This poem is one of my favorites.